Sunday, December 30, 2007

Parties & Chipmunks

On Monday evening, December 24, we visited Don's father for the traditional Christmas Eve dinner and chat. It was a lovely time. Afterwards, we went to Kadon Enterprises for the annual Christmas party, which was also quite nice.

We had a quiet and uneventful Christmas Day. Don stayed home, while Thomas visited our friend Betsy. (Hi, Betsy!)

On the evening of the 26th, we went into Baltimore to the home of Ann Hackman and Mike Cantrell for the annual Christmas party of Don's crazy high school friends, pictured here. A grand time was had by all.

Today, Sunday the 30th, we saw Alvin and the Chipmunks at the nearby Hoyt's Cinema. Having enjoyed the previews on TV, we were prepared to like the movie -- we were happy to find that we really, really liked it. Great fun!

It was a nice feel-good story, somewhat similar to The Muppet Movie in showing the fictionalized beginning of a popular phenomenon...and neatly subversive in its celebration of alternative families. Neither of us was a particular Alvin & the Chipmunks fanatic, although like all Baby Boomers we had a soft spot in our hearts for the little guys...but we appreciated how the film stayed consistent with the personalities of the chipmunks, who (as always) stole the show.

It was the songs that were the most pleasant surprise. There's nothing like familiar music to pack an emotional punch...when they started doing the Chipmunk Christmas song, they had us.

This is a fun movie with enough to please everybody. For the kids, there are funny-talking furry animals -- what else do you need? And for the adults, there's the nostalgia factor.

Don't get us wrong: this isn't an intellectual challenge or a deep philosophical's just plain fun. If you go into it with the right attitude, you'll certainly enjoy it. (Or wait for the DVD...definitely worth it.)

Finally, here's a picture of the cute boy at the concession counter. Behind him is another cute boy at the concession counter. Who said there's nothing good to see at the movies?

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Books and Movies and MacBooks, Oh My!

A quick post, because Betsy demanded it:

Don's new book A Rose From Old Terra got a good review in the November 15, 2007 issue of Library Journal. The review said:
When former librarian Jedrek nor Talin, now attempting to recover failing technology from the defunct Terran Empire, receives a single yellow rose by special courier, he must travel to Old Terra -- Earth -- to come to the assistance of his old circle of librarians. A voyage to deep space to repair ancient communications equipment places Jedrek and his companions in the middle of s situation that could erupt into interstellar war and destroy human civilization forever. Author and librarian Sakers adds to his 'Scattered Worlds' series (Weaving the Web of Days) a tale of adventure and intrigue as only a group of librarians can do it. A good addition to most sf collections and sure to be popular with library staff everywhere.


On Friday, December 8 we went to the movies for the first time since before Don was in the hospital. We saw The Golden Compass. Great film. A well-realized fantasy world, a good story, great characters...and the Catholic Church doesn't like it. What more can you ask?

Seriously, The Golden Compass is highly recommended. If you're expecting a Harry Potter experience, you'll be pleasantly surprised: this movie has much more depth and meaning than the Potter movies. The world is visually interesting and self-consistent on a much deeper level than Potter, as well. Harry Potter is pop fantasy; The Golden Compass is more the real quill.


On Saturday December 9, Thomas went to a meeting of the DC Star Wars Collectors Club or DCSWCC, along with our friend Betsy (she of the blog update demands). Afterwards, they picked up Don and the three of them went to the Double T Diner on Route 40 for dinner, and then cruised down 34th Street in Hamden to see the Xmas lights. Much fun.


Unfortunately, later that night Don's MacBook laptop, Brainimac 5, took a spill from the couch and hit the floor...hard. The internal hard drive is damaged, and the computer can't even start up. We are hoping that a trip to the Apple Store will repair the damage and recover all the data safely.


Health Update: Don is still recovering. Things have improved...there are actually periods of time when his foot doesn't hurt, and finally he feels that he is regaining some of his energy. But there's still a long period of recovery ahead.


That's about it for now, folks. More updates as events warrrant. Meanwhile, check out our other blogs and sites:

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