Sunday, February 22, 2009

iPhone Apps I Use Daily

There's a new report that says only 1 percent of users who download an app from the iPhone App Store become long-term users of that app.

Well, Don must be one of those one percent. Here are some of the apps he uses every day, in no particular order.

Todo by Appigo. This is a fine "to-do" app that synchronizes with the free online service Toodledo. The iPhone came without a to-do app; I've been wanting to transition away from my dying Palm Zire to iPhone, and Todo is big step along that path.

Iconic Notes by Hoofien. A notes app that allows the user to put notes into folders and subfolders, as well as allowing color-coding and replaceable icons for notes.

HanDBase by DDH Software. Database software. Both Thomas and I are long-time users of HanDBase for the Palm: Thomas keeps the Star Toys Museum catalog of 10,000+ items with it. On iPhone, I have databases for comics, filk tapes & CDs, and books I'm reviewing. HanDBase is indispensable.

Diabetes Pilot by Digital Altitudes. Another port of a longterm Palm program. Written by diabetics for diabetics, Diabetes Pilot helps keep track of blood glucose readings, medications, meals, and exercise. It calculates insulin doses, and has a built-in food database for counting carbs. Definitely worthwhile.

Twitterific by the Iconfactory. Twitter on the go. What more could one ask? (BTW, if you want to follow us on Twitter, Don is meerkatdon and Thomas is darthmarmalade.

Stanza by Lexcycle. Read books and other documents on iPhone. The best ebook reader I've ever used.mAnd BTW, allof Don's books are available for Stanza from

1Password by Agile Web Solutions. One place to store all usernames, passwords, and other sensitive information, all protected by a master password.

ComiXology by Browse new releases, make pull lists, and a whole bunch of other features tied in with the website

So there you have it, plenty of iPhone apps that get used all the time.

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Shady Character

That nefarious character, Reginald Kennett Dwight

We're having a Forensics program at the library, where kids will be given clues to solve the mystery of who stole the cookies. So today several of us dressed up for mug shots.

Here's Don as "Reginald Kenneth Dwight." Some people say he looks like a young Ozzie Osbourne, others suggest Howard Stern. The name comes from Elton John by way of Vicar of Dibley.

And no, I can't reveal who actually stole the cookies until after the program (next Tuesday).

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