Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lifelogging Progress

My current project of moving old journals and such to Evernote continues apace. By the end of the eyar, I have confidence that I'll have the total framework established: one entry for every significant day of my life, along with navigational infrastructure like calendars and such.

As I write this, I have entered all my paper journals and other records from birth to August 1979, and mixed paper/electronic records from April 1991 to the present. I'm working both forward and backward to close the gap, which is a little under 12 years. I've been able to manage doing about one month each day, most days.

Here's something I'm pretty proud of (although as I say this, that question from Friends floats through my mind: "Is patheti-sad a word?"). This is one of my monthly index pages (April 2012 to be precise), with links to each daily page. The little pictures are there to give me a rough idea of work shift (day or evening), appointments, and other activities. Click to embiggen.