Saturday, September 09, 2006

Plenty More Pictures

(edited 12/23/06)

More pictures than you can possibly imagine were up on this page. But they filled up our web account -- so we're currently working on editing them down to a manageable number. Check back.


Betts said...

Thank you for posting the pictures! and the picture/movie. That was cool, but man there is a lot of road out there.

I think the Badlands and the Petrified forest are my two favorite groups of pictures.

The ones of Mt. Rushmore were funny because I looked at both of you and didn't realize to look UP and see Rushmore.

There is one pic of Thomas looking up while at the Badlands and in his Jedi robes. It looks like he is trying to figure out if he can use the Force to leap up there. Or maybe he is talking a 'jumper' down. Shrugs.

I also liked the one of Don (cute hat don) touching the Petrified Log. It seemed so real - I mean wood like it was hard to realize that was stone.

Well, I will study them so more (I know there is going to be a quiz!)

Renfield said...

I really thought the Jedi desert pictures were inspired as well.

I kept picturing Haley Joel Skywalker whispering, " I see Sand People."