Wednesday, August 01, 2007

On the Road Again

Location: Charleston, WV
Miles: 365.1

So here we are on the road again. We're headed out to St. Louis for the North American Science Fiction Convention (aka NASFiC). Whenever the Worldcon is outside North America (this year it's in Japan), NASFiC is held as a kind of consolation prize for those who are staying at home. We've never been to a NASFiC, so we're excited about this one.

We left home around 5 pm and stopped for dinner at the lovely Four Seasons Restaurant in Mt. Airy, MD. Our cute & friendly waiter, Joe, admired Don's iPhone. Among the advertisements on the placemat was the following offer from Easterday Well Drilling: "Let Us Increase Your Well Flow Rate By Hydro-Fracking." Irresistable!

We were back on the road by 8 pm. About 9, Don crawled into the back seat to lay down, ad promptly fell asleep. Thomas continued driving until after 2 am, when we stopped for the night at the Sleep Inn just outside Charleston, WV.

Tomorrow...onward! (Preferebly by Hydro-Fracking.)

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