Saturday, January 12, 2008

12 January 2008

Members of the Brooklyn Park Anime Club.

These kids are great. They remind me of myself and my friends at that age: they're the outcasts, the nonconformists, the ones with passion for something beyond sports and cars and fashion. Once a month, the Library provides a space for them to meet, as well as a large TV and DVD player, plus a laptop PC for Internet access...and the opportunity to meet with fellow Anime enthusiasts.

I sit in on the meetings, listen a lot, and try to learn what I can. I don't know anywhere near as much as a lot of these kids, but I know a lot more than I used to.

One of the Anime Club members gave me a great compliment: "Mr. Don, you're the coolest adult I know."

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Betts4 said...

That is great Don! Cool adultism!

Okay, when I first read the description to the photo, all I could think was 'these are the unanimated anime fans' because of the guy leaning against the table.

Anyway, it is good that your library gives them some space and they get to pursue their passion in a positive environment, not hiding in dark alleys behind the comic store dumpsters and we had to when we were kids. Good role models are hard to find. Pat yourself on the back for being 'cool'.