Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Analog and Eurovan News

In the March 2009 issue of Analog (the longest-running science fiction magazine in the world), Don appears as a guest book reviewer. The regular reviewer, Tom Easton, has retired; Analog decided to try out several guest reviewers before making the decision of which one would get the permanent gig.

The March issue of Analog should be on the stands now. You can read Don's review here.

In vehicle news, our beloved Eurovan (seen here being towed to the dealer in Louisville, KY) is still in the shop. We were hoping to have it done in time to drive up to Boston this weekend for Arisia, but alas that will not be the case.

Now we face a decision: should we spend the extra money to rent a car for the trip, or should we do the smart thing and stay home this weekend? It depends on how smart we want to be...and what effect our decision will have on other folks.

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Betts4 said...

Don, I enjoyed the review. Are you interested in taking that spot over? If do, it would mean I would definately renew my subscription!
Good luck!

M. said...

Nice review - and I had a nice chat with Tom Easton at Arisia and he sends regards.