Monday, May 04, 2009

CostumeCon 27 Pictures

Our CostumeCon 27 presentation was "CostumeCon 1889: Steampunk Style." In it, we did a masquerade-within-the-masquerade, in Steampunk style, which spoofed all the standard cliches of costuming: Star Trek, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and five different Snow Queens. Not only did we get a group award for workmanship and the "Best Concept" masquerade award...but the New York/New Jersey Costumer's Guild awarded us the coveted Spazzy Award, given for the most sick and twisted presentation.

Here's the group picture:

And here's Thomas as Darth Vader. His helmet is made of folded and glued cardboard.

And here is the last costume we presented, Don as the ultimate Snow Queen: a steampunk drag queen cocaine dealer (Snow Queen, get it?)

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Betts4 said...


Thank you for posting pictures. I have been waiting to see this. Don, you look great! I love the hat and the purple fishnets and the drug dealing stash - the little bottles and big needles. Perfect for that time period. Thomas looks great too adn the group picture is wonderful. Great job!

niftyknits said...