Sunday, November 22, 2009

Doctor Who: Who's Your Favorite Doctor?

Being highly intelligent, imaginative people, we of course love Doctor Who. And we've been fans of The Doctor since childhood, not like all those Johnny-come-latelies who discovered Doctor Who in 2005. We have just about every existing Doctor Who episode on DVD, having recorded them over long years watching the show on Maryland Public Television (and later, BBC America and the Sci-Fi Channel).

Since the show began in 1963, ten actors have played The Doctor. (One of the things that makes the show true genius is how they figured out a plausible way to replace the main character with a different actor when William Hartnell left in 1966.) Among Doctor Who fans, the favorite question is "Who's your favorite Doctor?"

Over the years, we've observed that for most people, their favorite Doctor is the one they were first exposed to.

For instance, Thomas's first exposure to Doctor Who was during the John Pertwee years, and Pertwee (left) is his favorite Doctor.

With Don, things are a little different. His first Doctor was Tom Baker, and he will always have an attachment to that Doctor. But he realized a long time ago that he's a very fickle fan. For Don, the answer to "Who's your favorite Doctor?" is: Whichever one I've seen most recently.

Given all this, perhaps the most useful question is "Who's your second-favorite Doctor? "Right now, Thomas is leaning toward William Hartnell, while Don says Sylvester McCoy. But those answers might change.

So how about it? Who's your second-favorite Doctor?

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Trudy Messingham said...

Tom Baker was the one I grew up with, and the one I first met (back in 1978)... but Patrick Troughton's my favourite.

Charissa said...

I'm going through the ones I have in my netflix queue, I like everyone up to Peter Davison (or whatever his name is). I haven't seen any with Sylvester McCoy, and love love love Christopher Eccleston.

Meerkatdon said...

Charissa, wait until you get to the Sylvester McCoy episodes. He had a chemistry with Sophie Aldred (Ace) that in many ways reminds me of the chemistry between Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper. Very different, but very reminiscent.

Ethan94 said...

Well, my best favorite Doctor is Ten played by David Tennant. My other favorite Doctors from the show are Two, Four, Five, Seven, Nine, and the recent Eleven.