Sunday, June 24, 2007

Back to Work

I've been back to work (half time) for two weeks now, and it's getting easier each day. I will continue working 4-hour shifts this week, then on Saturday I will start back fulltime.

My foot still hurts most of the time, but nowhere near as bad as it did. I can actually foresee a time when it won't hurt at all. My major challenge now is building up my strength after being flat on my back for the better part of three months. For example, I've noticed that when I've been sitting up in a chair for a few hours, my back starts to hurt. The first week, I finished four hours of work totally exhausted; the second week was better.

I've been on light duty at work, mostly doing stuff in the back room and easing my way back into working on the Info Desk. (Fortunately, the Info Desk is low and we do most of our work sitting; I could not be on my feet for even one hour.) On Friday, I did my first 4-hour shift entirely on the Info Desk. Light duty will end on Saturday June 30 -- then, I will be back to my normal schedule.

I went to the podiatrist and got measured for my new prescription shoes (which my health insurance will pay for!) -- the right one will have an insert to fill the space where my toe used to be. Dr. Giardina says that these shoes will make a big difference; I certainly hope so. They should be done in another week or two.

It's been a long, hard journey -- but with any luck, it will soon be over. And a year from now, I'll be wondering which foot was infected. :)

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Betts4 said...

I am glad to see things are getting better, if not easier. I hope that the recovery continues. I am interested in your recovery even more so than just as a caring friend, but also because my Dad is going thru something similiar. He has not had the flat on back for three months and toe removal, but he has/had blood poisoning and an infection in his big right toe. He is talking now that it may have to be removed. He has pains that shoot up his leg. I talked to him today and he is seeing his Podiatrist on Tuesday.

Glad to see a new blog!