Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Back From the Podiatrist

Today we went to see Dr. Giardina, my podiatrist, for a followup visit. It's been 9 days since my operation.

Dr. Giardina was pleased with what he saw. He said that I'm doing very well, even a little ahead of schedule. Swelling is down (although there's still some) and the sewed-up incision looks good. (Well, okay, it looks good to a surgeon -- to Thomas and me, it looks appallingly awful.)

I m now allowed to put some weight on the foot, but only on the heel. I still have to use crutches to walk, but when I'm standing I can steady myself with my right foot. And I'm allowed to sit up sometimes, resting both feet on the floor. I can even cross my ankles (bad foot on top), which feels surprisingly good.

On Monday we will go back and Dr. G will take out my stiches. After that, he says, I can put more weight on it and (more important) get the foot wet. Soon after, I should be able to ditch the crutches and go back to my walking stick. (Using crutches is hard -- and if you'e been flat on your back for almost two months, it's even harder.)

Meanwhile, things are getting better. The foot hurts, but the pain is nowhere near as bad as it's been. I am taking ibuprofen most of the time, although I have been popping a percocet at bedtime. I'm still keeping the foot up almost all the time, because it starts to hurt more when it's been down for a bit.

Still, all is going well, and getting better every day. I want to thank all my friends and coworkers who keep sending cards, emails, and even presents. It's wonderful to know that there are so many people out there who care for me.



M. said...

What looks "OK" to a surgeon so often doesn't bear any resemblance to "OK" for the rest of us! It's a good thing they're generally right.

Glad to hear the doctor is pleased, and, more important, that it's not hurting so much. I'm looking forward to hearing that you're mobile again.

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! So you can't quite audition for Dancing with the Stars...but you can start moving a little more. Which means you can see more of the world than the shelf of dvds and giant hamster you've been staring at. Yeah!!!