Sunday, May 27, 2007

Walking Without Crutches

On Friday I was alllowed to start walking on my bad foot. I ditched the crutches and went back to my walking stick. The difference is amazing.

Now I can carry things. This makes a huge difference with things like the process of making a bowl of cereal for breakfast. On crutches, I could stand in place and move things from one surface to another, then take a step and move them again, and so on. Without crutches, I can just pick up my cereal and walk it back to my bedside table.

On Friday, I limited myself to going to the bathroom and the kitchen, and I was also able to do some long-neglected maintenance tasks on JediMac, our downstairs iMac. (The poor thing had been up and running without a restart for more than 53 days...okay, it's a Mac, but I do like to restart it every month or so.)

On Saturday, I went upstairs (very slowly and carefully) to check on Ascher, our upstairs hamster. (Ascher is the child of Koltar, our downstairs hamster. We found homes for Kol's other five kids, but this whole foot thing sidetracked our efforts to locate a new family for Ascher.)

Today, Sunday, Dad picked me up around 11 am. We went to the fruit stand and the grocery store, and then to Dad's house, where I took a shower for the first time since March. Boy, did that feel good! I went to Dad's to shower because (a) Dad's shower has grab bars installed, and (b) I'm not stupid enough to get into the shower when I'm by myself.

After the shower we had lunch, visited a while, and then ate dinner. By 6 pm I was home and back in my sickbed, tired but triumphant.

My foot still hurts, although it's definitely better when I have it up. And I'm tired after so much exertion...but things will get better. Every day, I hope, will be better.

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