Monday, May 21, 2007

Stitches Out

Went to see Dr. Giardina today. He took out my stitches, and seemed pleased at how things are coming along.

On Friday I will be able to unwrap the foot and get it wet. And I will also be allowed to start walking on it -- as Dr. G says, I will start to wean myself off the crutches.

As far as we know, my IV antibiotics will continue through the end of the month. I could be happier; these thrice-daily IVs are getting tedious for Thomas and me.

This is going to be a challenging time. On Wednesday evening, Thomas leaves for Los Angeles and the Star Wars 30th Anniverdary Celebration. He returns the following Wednesday morning. While he's gone, I will have to do my own IVs, as well as make my own meals and everything ele. Fortunately, my father lives less than a mile away, and he will come whenever I need him.

In other news, Meerkat Meade now has a satellite dish: we signed up with DirecTV. We have a DVR, and hundreds of channels, and we couldn't be happier. The DVR (which is a kind of Tivo-wannabe) is great; it automatically records programs on its inboard hard drive. We can tell it to record (for example) all first-run episodes of The Simpsons, and we can use the DirecTV software to search upcoming shows and schedule recordings from the results.

The coolest feature: the DVR buffers live programming. So, for instance, if we start watching a program and then decide we'd like to record it...a press of the button, and the DVR saves the buffered program from the beginning. This feature also allows us to pause, rewind, and fast-forward live programming, which has come in handy already.

DirecTV is very recommended.

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Anonymous said...

Great news about the foot! And welcome to the world of dvr and such. I have tivo and have been enamoured with it since two minutes after we set it up 18 months ago.

Not missing a show and being able to save them to watch when I want and then just delete them is wonderful!