Thursday, August 17, 2006

Apple Creek

Location: Apple Creek Rest Area, ND
Miles: 1818

This will be brief, and just because we can: I'm writing this entry at the lovely Apple Creek Rest Area off I-94 in the bloody middle of North Dakota. Several states ago, I said to Thomas, "You know what? Highway rest areas should have wireless Internet access." Lo and behold, as soon as I walked into the building here, I saw the sign: WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS AVAILABLE. So now I'm sitting at an outdoor picnic table in a cool breeze, overlooking the endless prairie and listening to the calls of birds, the chirping of crickets, the flags flapping, and the occaisional whoosh of traffic going by on I-94.

This is a trend that should definitely be encouraged.

We are currently hell-bent* for Bismarck, which is about 30 miles away. (*Hell-bent indeed, the speed limit out here is 75 mph, and Eurovan (which likes to go fast) has been creeping up to about 90 before I notice and slow down some.) At Bismark we will make a left turn (all roads out here are straight, and they all meet at right angles) and head into South Dakota too see the Badlands and such.

More later.



Kate Jones said...

Great going, guys! You managed to survive Ohio without a speeding ticket. Ohio is the worst of all the states for having lurking cop cars every few miles. There's also something in the air that causes car malfunctions. My van caught on fire there. Seems every time I had to drive through, some damn thing or other went wrong.

Great ball of twine! Been there. Great Kellogg's museum. Been there. I'm having a nostalgia attack just following you around.

Thomas, good news: They're cutting Quintillions today. We may yet have some for RenFest.

Thomas, bad news: We're out of this and this and that and more. Gonna work your cute butt off when you get back.

Don, love your reportage. Just caught up with it from the start. Thanks! This is the way to travel. Good to know the Old West is wired.

Love, -- Kate

Betsy said...

Don, nice to hear rest stops can be fun besides just useful. I am having fun following you two because I haven't been anywhere you all went. I feel like I am taking the trip with you. And I read the blog to the two dals, merc and tigger so its almost like they are in your backseat. Probably sort of crunching the SW toys back there. Oh well. Better they stay here then.

Keep on Truckin'!

Miss Jade's Notes said...

Thomas and Don: Wow! You're having adventure! Wired rest stops! Wide-open spaces! Open roads and high speeds! Reading your reports is so much fun. I hope you both are having loads of fun.