Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Location: Anaheim, CA
Miles: 3996

For those who like maps (and who doesn't?), here is a rough map of our route out to the West Coast.

You can click on the map to make it bigger.

(Oh, I just found can click on any pictures to make them bigger.

Why such a weird, twisty route? Well, we wanted to go through as many states as we could. Prior to this trip, we had never imagined that we would be in, say, Idaho or North Dakota. (We've been in both Dakotas -- how many people do you know who can say that?)



Betsy said...

Virgin river canyon. That sounds too good. Virgins are fun! Virgin rivers even more fun and if you throw a vanyon in the mix...well what a threesome that is!

Okay,sorry. Excuse me. Its late, my mind is not working right...I just had odd visions of rocks and rivers and stuff.

Hey, how does it work? River cuts thru canyon and canyon covers rock and rocks stop river?

Yes it is late isn't it?

Renfield said...

You do realize that you're in Los Angeles, right? If you tell people that you've been in both Dakotas, they're going to say, "Fanning and who?"

Kate Jones said...

Glad your tires are fixed. Lucky you got into a station and not stranded in 109 degrees in the middle of the desert. Tires are like the horses of the earliest pioneers.

Funny tracking your search for Internet access. Used to be the most important facility to find was a restroom.

Going today to set up at RenFest. Will miss you, Thomas. The young genius from last year, Daniel, (Dezign-8 record breaker) will fill in this week. He emailed to ask to help out. Fabian will also be on hand.

Thinking about you every step of those 3996 miles to date, great blog coverage of highlights, great photos. Thanks!

I'm totally buried in website overhaul. Set myself Sept. 1 as deadline for new prices. I surface just enough to read your blogs.

Have fun, keep those pictures coming. Looks like you won't go through Death Valley. But don't miss Carlsbad Caverns. Use the natural entrance, not the elevator.

Have a glorious time.

Miss Jade's Notes said...

...what about "West Dakota"? I hear West Dakota is a mighty fine place. Kinda weird though....

Glad you're meeting friends,old and new, and having fun.

Meerkat Meade said...

West Dakota...isn't that somewhere near East Virginia? Or Rhode Mainland?