Tuesday, August 22, 2006

In the Theocracy

Location: Fillmore, UT
Miles: 3448

(composed Monday 8/22/06 for later posting)

We left the Sawtelle Mountain Resort about 11 am, and continued south on Highway 20. A little bit after noon, we stopped at Me n' Stan's Restaurant in lovely Rexburg, ID. The omlets were huge and delicious; the biscuits and cinnamon roll were great; but the scone (which was by itself large enough to feed a family) was a religious experience. If you ever find yourself in Rexburg, Me n' Stan's is highly recommended.

We soon joined up with I-15 and continued south through Idaho. At about 2 pm we stopped at a rest area, which turned out to be in the middle of a volcanic landscape called Hell's Half Acre. We wandered along well-designed trails with informational signs.

We crossed into Utah in mid-afternoon, and around 5:30 we stopped at a Wal-Mart outside Salt Lake City to resupply essential provisions (bottled water, Coke, antihistimines, etc.) Then, back on the road, we detoured about 15 miles to a State Marina so we could dip our toes in the Great Salt Lake.

We found a dilapidated building presiding over a desolate beach. As soon as we were out of Eurovan, we couldn't help but notice the smell: a low-level stench very like a cat box. It comes from the Lake.

We trudged across the lifeless salt flats, and as we approached the Lake we were greeted by clouds of tiny insects hovering over the ground. They parted before our feet like for in a bad horror film. Fortunately, they seemed to have no interest in human flesh.

I dipped my hand in the Lake; Thomas took off his sandals and rolled up his pants, then waded in. He found that the water left salt crystals on his legs and hands. Fortunately, there were outside showers, so he was able to wipe off. (Some visitors told Thomas that they had come to the Lake a while ago, got their shoes wet, and eventually had to throw them out from the smell.)

We filled two bottles with dirt and water from Great Salt Lake -- so when we come home, anyone who wants a taste can come over.

We were glad to have seen Great Salt Lake, but we don't feel the need to go back. At least now we understand why all the Mormon kids in grade school ran screaming whenever someone suggested a trip to the beach....

South from Salt Lake City, we drove on through the gathering darkness, until finally we stopped in lovely Fillmore, UT. We tried several local non-chain motels in search of Internet service, but none had it. So we settled on the Best Western, where they assured us that they have wi-fi. Well, they have it, okay...there's a Linksys wireless router in range, but for some reason we can't join the network. So this entry will go out as soon as we have Internet access.

Worldcon starts Wednesday. Tomorrow, we will drive like hell to get as close as possible to Los Angeles before we stop for the night.



Betsy said...

Boy do you all make me hungry! Everytime I read a blog post I have to go downstairs and nibble on some eggs or cheese.

And just think of how much fun it will be to be at Worldcon and be at a hotel with great internet hook up service.

Another question, will the blogs continue during the Con? Or not until you head back for home? This is a fun after work thing to do....catch up on Don and Thomas's travels.

Meerkat Meade said...

Thanks...we're at Worldcon now, and we just got back from the Denver in 2008 High tea: lots of nice hot tea in china cups, scones, cucumber sandwiches, assorted pastries...oh, sorry, we're probably making you hungry again.

Now that the Internet connection in our room is working, it is lovely to think that we won't have to worry about it for a while. Now if we could only remember all the things about which we said, "We should look that up when we have an Internet connection."

I am going to try to continue blog entries during Worldcon, and even post some more pictures. By now, this is such a habit that I may find it hard to break when we get home.