Monday, August 07, 2006

Six Days and Counting

Less than a week to go before departure, and we've been making arragnements.

Many thanks to our friend Rob, who will be house-sitting for us while we're away.

We purchased a digital camera (a Canon Powershot A410) for taking pictures on the trip; with any luck, you'll see some of them in later posts.

We've also been looking at our tentative route. There are a couple of things that we definitely want to see, other than that we'll be playing it by ear and wandering where fancy takes us. Among the definites on our list are (a) the Minnesota Twineball, (b) Mount Rushmore/South Dakota Badlands, (c) Yellowstone, (d) the Grand Canyon, and (e) Barringer Meteor Crater. Otherwise, we're going to try to hit as many states as possible and see as many kewl things as we can during 10 days out and 7 days back.

Stay tuned....

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