Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Yellowstone Pics Are Up!

Location: Anaheim, CA
Miles: 3996

We are down and safe at Worldcon, and we have a stable Internet connection.

I've been able to post our pictures from Yellowstone (well, some of them...we took hundreds) -- take a look below at the Yellowstone entry.

Thanks for all the comments; we are kinda lonely and need to hear from our friends. As Thomas said, posting these blog entries is kinda like throwing out messages in bottles: sometimes we're not sure if anything is getting through.

I'm going to try to continue posting through Worldcon, which runs through Sunday, 8/27. Then it's out on the road again, going east this time. (We can't go much further west without getting very, very wet.)

More in a while! -Don


Betsy said...

East and south? Will you be going straight on thru - oops, I mean forward on thru or will you swoop south and hit some southern states?

Meerkat Meade said...

We're going to be going pretty direct on the way home: through Arizona, New Mexicon, Texas, Oklahoma, and then bearing north through Kentucky & West Virginity into Maryland.

At least, that's the plan....meerka