Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Better Every Day

Just back from whirlpool therapy. We got an early start today so we could pick up donuts for the folks at whirlpool. They've been so pleasant and so good to us, we figured they deserved a reward. And we certainly brought smiles to a lot of people's faces.

One of my four foot wounds is right on the verge of closing up, two more are well on their way, and the last one is making good progress. (This last one, at the base of my big toe, is the one with an exposed tendon -- very icky, if you ask me. Keeping the tendon moist and alive while the wound heals is appparently a concern. I just relax and leave everything in the competent hands of the whirlpool folks and Thomas.)

I'm still getting lots of wonderful cards, letters, and emails. I'm kinda amazed (and very touched) to see how many people think I'm worth the effort to pick out a card, write an encouraging message, and go to all the trouble of looking up my address and all that. I can't possibly thank everyone in person, but please know that I appreciate allthe good wishes. I figure each thing that makes me smile, brings me another step to full recovery -- and I've been getting a lot of things to make me smile!

People keep asking if I'm getting any writing done, and I'm hapy to report that the answer is yes. I have my trusty laptop right by my sickbed, and I've been able to put in a couple of hours every day. I'm taking this opportunity to work on something that's been on the back burner for years: revising a novel that I wrote a while ago. I don't want to bore everyone, so just let me say that A Rose From Old Terra is a science fiction story set in the year 6484, involving a group of Librarians who set off to save the Galaxy. Yes, it's (drumroll)!

Revising an existing work is a lot less demanding than producing something new from scratch, and it's something I can do even under the influence of percocet. I've been enjoying the work, and am happy with the product. With any luck, A Rose From Old Terra will be out later this year from Speed-of-C Productions.

I am also working on an original short story, of which more news later.


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Anonymous said...

Don, I do some freecycle-ing and just passed on a box of old science fiction books to a man and his two teen age boys. I included in the box a copy of The Leaves of October. Thought they would enjoy it. Just wanted to let you know, we are spreading the word.