Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Settling In

ABOVE: Here's Mr. Don getting his morning IV. Note the ivy on the IV stand. We had to buy that ourselves; it did not come with the stand.

ABOVE: Here's Nurse Thomas setting up the IV. Thomas's mother was a nurse; she would be very proud of him.

Well, we're both settling in at home and getting into a routine. Morning: IV antibiotics, several pills, insulin injection, and breeakfast. Afternoon: IV antibiotics, lunch, more insulin, and the thrill of changing the dressing on my foot. Night: IV antibiotics, a pill or two, dinner, insulin. Unscheduled excitements include staggering to the bathroom and back (with my cane), painkillers when necessary, and frequent naps.

Yesterday we went up to St. Agnes Hospital for my first whirlpool treatment as an outpatient. Whirlpool is a huge tub of water that swirls and bubbles, clearing out the bad stuff from the several wounds on my foot. It usually takes about half an hour.

Yesterday's session was a bit more eventful than usual. Maybe it was the exertion of hobbling down the long hallways, maybe it was sitting up on the high chair over the big tank, maybe it was an insulin problem...in any case, I had a low blood sugar attack and passed out for a few minutes. Thomas and the whirlpool folks were right there to help me, and in no time I was on a stretcher being fed juice and cookies, and getting my blood pressure and blood sugar checked.

It was quite a bit more excitement than I had expected, and I was very glad to get back home and into my sickbed. I slept for a few hours, then felt quite a bit better.

Such is the excitement of my life right now.


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