Sunday, April 15, 2007

Today's Outing

I am getting better every day. Without going into too much graphic detail, two of the wounds on my foot are pretty much closed up, and the other two look better each day. The folks at whirlpool therapy (three times a week) continue to be happy with what they see each session.

Today Thomas and I went to the Greater Columbia Fantasy Costumers Guild meeting, which was at the Savage Branch of Howard County Public Library. It was about a twenty-minute ride, and we stayed at the meeting for about two hours. This was my first major outing besides whirlpool.

The weather is dreadful, dreary rain and somewhat raw outside, but I was very glad we went.

It was great to see friends again, and nice to be out. And everyone was so very nice and supportive. Plus, it was nice to have some conversations that weren't about me and my body.

Still, by the time the meeting was over, I was pretty tired and my foot was feeling I was just as glad to head home. Guild meetings usually end with most people going to a restaurant, and I was kinda hoping to go along, but that's for another time.

Meanwhile, it was very nice to be out, and nice to participate in a...well, I hesitate to use the word "normal,", so let's say customary event. (Or dare I say "costumary"?)


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Anonymous said...

Don, glad to hear that you have been out and about. That is great for you.
Jim and I went out to Walmart (found some SW galactic heroes) and he crashed a bit. His blood sugar level must have been really really low and it hit all of a sudden.
One minute fine, the next telling me he needs some juice. We got to the subway in the walmart, I sat him down and I jumped in line to ask for some OJ. He had that, and I got him a sub and some regular coke. That seemed to help and by the end of the sub he was feeling like himself again.
But it is scary. The thing the partner of a diabetic must do is stay calm, and realize no matter what is said, it is the low blood sugar talking.
I say it that way because sometimes even if he knows what it is, jim doesn't want anything. I have to make him take sips to feel better (not today, but other days).

It must have really helped you feel better to get out and socialize. To see other faces and to hear other voices. Cabin fever is a dangerous side effect to gout.

Take it easy and one day at a time. Maybe I can come down to visit again.