Sunday, April 01, 2007

Mr. Don Has Been Very Sick

Hi, this is Don. I am online for the first time in about three weeks.

Here's the short version: I came down with my first-ever case of gout on Monday, March 12. After a week of ineffective tratment, my right foot got worse, and ultimately got infected.

On Monday, March 19 I went into Saint Agnes Hospital, where I stayed until Friday, March 30. The infection got very bad, and was resistant to many antibiotics. They made several incisions in my foot to drain bad stuff out, and put me on powerful IV antibioics.

Late on Friday March 30 I came home. I will continue on the IV antibiotics three times a day for the rest of the month. I will need to stay off the foot as much as possible until it heals.

As an additional complication, I have been diagnosed as diabetic. My blood sugar was all messed up in the hospital, and I am learning to deal with insulin and all that.

I am glad to be home, and feeling a little better every day. I am very grateful for all the cards, phone calls, visits, and wonderful things that my friends have done -- including coming over to help clear out the lounge so I can have a sick room at home.

I will try to keep up periodic updates here. Meanwhile, I'm sure I have a tremendous backlog of email; I will continue working through that but please bear with me.

Thank you! -Don

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